Article: «Personne n’a à choisir ce qui nous émancipe»

سامر مجذوب* – مونتريال
 يأتي كعنوان صارخ لحملة من قبل نساء و فتيات فرنسيات، اصبح لها صدىً عالمياً،   لما تتعرض له حريتهم الشخصية من انتهاكات و إهانات نتيجة سياسات حكومة ماكرون

Ramadan greetings 🙏

‏‎رمضان_كريم مبارك للجميع . جعل الله في هذا الشهر الفضيل لنا جميعا كل الخير و البركة و القبول و الصحة و النجاح . اللهم امين! 🌙♥️🌹🙏
‎#Ramadan2021 Karim to all of you . May Allah swt grant us all in this giving month, His blessings, success, Iman ,and health … 🙏♥️🌹🌙‎

#HandsOffMyHijab #Pastoucheàmonhijab #libertédechoixdesfemmes

Tweet: you are not alone!

‏You are not alone
‎#AutismAcceptanceMonth ‎#AutismAwarenessMonth
لست وحدك
‎#التوحد ‎#شهر ‎#التوعية ‎#نيسان

This page features 14 articles contributed to HuffPost Canada!

Link to the page that features the 14 articles that have been contributed to HuffPost Canada before it shut down & ceased operations!

Tweet: domestic violence, society can’t sit & watch!

DomesticViolence should be addressed genuinely; #mentalhealth experts,sociologists, psychologists, judiciary, law enforcement; all societal stakeholders should come together to reflect,think out of the box to tackle such a destructive #phenomenal .Society can’t just sit & watch!

#muslimwomensday March 27!

يوم النساء المسلمات ، مارس ٢٧ !
On a day the world is supposedly joining the symbolic #MuslimWomensDay in a show of solidarity & support, instead Muslim women are being targeted by #hate , bigotry, xenophobia, #sexism , physical & moral violence, by laws depriving them of their basic humans rights & dignity!