● Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for “making great significant contribution to Canada”.
●Recipient of Canada 150 Community Service Award for standing up against discrimination.
●Recipient of Influencer 2020 Award.
● Recipient of Community Builder Award.
● Recipient of Community Implication Award.
●Recipient of Unlimited Dedication and Community Contribution Award.
●Recipient of Community Schools’ Builder Award.
● Recipient of two Héma-Québec Organizer Award, years 2010 and 2020.
● Recipient of many recognitions for Social Implications awards.
●Recipient of numerous Excellency Accomplishment awards for career success.
● Serving as president and as long-standing board member of Montreal based civic-engagement non- profit association.
● Advocate of civic and positive integration in the society, human rights, equality and fairness amongst all citizens. Promotes civic engagement, women & youth empowerment.
● Freelance writer.
● Blogger.
● More than 24 years in the education administrative field. Co-founder of primary and secondary schools.
● Served as Principal of secondary school for years.
● Establishing soccer team for the West Island youth.
●Establishing theater for the youth in Montreal area.
● Marine Scout leader for 10 years.
● Founder and director of business directory.
● University graduate.
● Business and financial advisor.
● Project management & financial planning.

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