Tweet on : the discussion over the number of missing, murdered indigenous women


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One soul missing or killed is too many!

Tweet on minors’ protection in Quebec.

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We believe that more resources should be deployed to protect minors in Quebec from being exploited in illegal and in criminal activities. Tweeted, Samer Majzoub.


¬†Samer Majzoub of the FMC-CMF commenting on the planned UN conference on radicalization at the end of 2016.

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Balance fight against radicalization with human rights, UN chief says.
Ban Ki-moon wraps up Canadian visit with plea for respect of fundamental liberties
report starts at 5:10min

The Difference Between Community And Religious Schools

world religions - major religions group

Article by Samer Majzoub,

The word “religion” in the context of the Western contemporary societies that originated in Europe is more of a theological doctrine, while in some societies originating in other part of the world, it reflects cultural identity, rituals, conviction and social habits….