Comment on the stabbing incident at Canadian army center in Toronto, 14 03 2016.

Comment on the stabbing incident at Canadian army center in Toronto, 14 03 2016.
To start with , all sorts of violence is condemned . There is no excuse nor legitimacy for any type of violence what so ever.
It’s worth to note the following:
– The moment the attacker has been reported uttering the word “Allah” , right away, and without further delay, media starts dealing with the subject as “terror link”. In other word, since the attacker turned to be of Muslim faith, the word terrorism has to be up promptly.
-It has been reported that that the attacker has said ” Allah Has asked him to do so….” . Basically, this is an issue that needs very careful attention. In Islam the tradition of Allah speaking to individuals doesn’t exist at all. It neither in Islam’s doctrine nor in it’s culture. Even the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, him self had never been “spoken” by Allah swt. In this situation, the mental situation of the attacker should be taken into consideration.
-All sorts of violence looks for kind of legitimacy by the perpetrators. This even apply on those may have issues “mentally” speaking.
-As its becoming the norm, unfortunately, in such incidents ,the hate mongers rush to raise their Islamophobic sentiments at certain media outlets and social media. Toronto police chief has warned of this trend ” “I don’t want this categorizing a large group of people; that will be very unfair and very inaccurate,” he said, adding he doesn’t want to see any of this “Islamophobia nonsense.”

Commentaire sur l’incident de coups de couteau au centre des forces canadiennes à Toronto.

Commentaire sur l’incident de coups de couteau au centre des forces canadiennes à Toronto, 14 03 2016.
Pour commencer, il n’y a aucune excuse, ni légitimité pour n’importe quel type de violence, quel que soit. Toutes sortes de violence sont condamnées
Il vaut la peine de noter ce qui suit:
– Dès le moment où a été rapporté que l’attaquant a prononcé le mot «Allah», tout de suite et sans plus tarder, médias ont traité le sujet et l’ont lié à un acte de terreur. En d’autres termes, puisque l’attaquant était de confession musulmane, le mot terrorisme est associé directement.
– Il a été rapporté que l’attaquant a dit qu’ “Allah lui a demandé de commettre son acte….”. En l’occurrence , celle-ci est une question qui mérite une attention très particulière. Dans l’Islam, la notion que Dieu parle à des individus n’existe pas. Ceci n’est ni dans la doctrine de l’Islam ni dans sa culture. Même le Prophète Mohammad, que la paix soit sur lui, n’a jamais été «parlé» par Allah swt. Entre autres, la situation mentale de l’attaquant devrait être prise en considération.
– Tout auteur de violence est à la recherche d’une légitimité pour l’acte qu’il a commis. Ceci s’applique, sans exception, à ceux qui peuvent avoir des troubles mentaux.
– Malheureusement, comme ceci semble devenir la norme dans de tels incidents, ceux qui soufflent sur les braises de la haine se précipitent pour démontrer leurs intolérance et annonces leurs propos islamophobes à certains médias et sur les réseaux sociaux. Le chef de la police de Toronto a mis en garde contre cette tendance en disant : « Je ne veux pas que cette catégorisation d’un grand groupe de personnes; ce sera très injuste et très imprécise », tout en ajoutant qu’il ne veut plus voir de cette « absurdité d’islamophobie ».

 Samer Majzoub of the FMC-CMF commenting on the planned UN conference on radicalization at the end of 2016.

un meeting montreal UN Samer 1 Un dennis coderre

Balance fight against radicalization with human rights, UN chief says.
Ban Ki-moon wraps up Canadian visit with plea for respect of fundamental liberties
report starts at 5:10min

Samer Majzoub interview with “christian science monitor” :Early intervention? Why Montreal has an anti-radicalization center

Interview done five weeks ago with US newspaper “christian science monitor”published Dec 28 2015.

“It was a very, very difficult time for the community,” said Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum. “It’s still difficult now.”


Montreal’s anti-radicalization center is careful to not link Muslims with extremism. Its website only mentions terrorism in passing and references neo-Nazi terrorists and environmentalists who bomb labs in addition to Islamist radicals.

“It is important to show this center serves all communities, and doesn’t target any community,” says Mr. Majzoub. He hopes the center will also prevent anti-Muslim extremism, like a recent mosque firebombing.

“The police have shown a lot of compassion and understanding. Still, we’re very cautious about the details.


We Need To Make A Collective Effort To End Violent Radicalism

Authorities investigate the scene where a police shootout with suspects took place, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, in San Bernardino, Calif.  A heavily armed man and woman opened fire Wednesday on a holiday banquet, killing multiple people and seriously wounding others in a precision assault, authorities said. Hours later, they died in a shootout with police.  (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

*Samer Majzoub
The concept of radicalism that leads to violence through history has always, similar to all other philosophical doctrines, sought to justify its movement based on mainly social, economical and political reasoning.
“Religions” have been, in recent times, added to the catalogue that violent radicals use to legitimize their acts, and as mean of delivering their objections to what they consider “injustice.” This addition of “religious” reasoning to violent operations has made the subject much more sensitive, confusing and complicated.