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. Recipient of CANADA 150 COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD. • Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for more than two decades of public service in Canada. . President of the Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) • Serving as president and as a long-standing board member of Montreal-based pan-Canada community not-for-profit association. • An advocate of positive integration in the society, human rights, equality and fairness amongst all citizens. • Promoter of civic engagement. • Initiator of anti-Islamophobia petition, e-411. • Blogger at Huffington post and personal one. • Recipient of Héma-Québec award for volunteer work as a major organizer of blood drive campaigns in greater Montreal. The only member of a cultural community to be recognized at the time. • Recipient of recognition awards for social implication. • More than 22 years in the education field. Co-founder of primary and secondary community schools. • Principal of a secondary school for five years. • Founder of a soccer team for the West Island youth. • Founder of theater for the youth in Montreal area. • Marine Scout leader for 10 years. • Founder and director of a business directory. • University graduate. • Business and financial advisor. • Project management.

Leadership; role mode, inspiration & human development…  

Leadership; role mode, inspiration & human development…  

Role model

One major concept of successful leadership is the notion of role model. Elements of role model circulate around; A) ability to inspire, B) passion, C) commitment to the wellbeing of community & society at large, D) Selflessness, E) team work and acceptance of others, F) Ability to overcome obstacles. E) Continuity and never give up spirit.

A role model is other-focused as opposed to self-focused. Role models are usually active in their societies, freely giving of their time and talents to benefit people, ability to recruit and very well public relation skilled.

Inspiration & human development

Inspiration in leadership is a key factor of keeping the vitals running in any project, successful work, or volunteering movement. Making people feeling important and appreciated, letting your team feels the sense of ownership over their projects, and giving space of free thinking and creativeness of implementation of work plans. All together plays the base in developing your team to be better performance level and more confidence in their creativity talents.

Various methods of management

There are many leadership styles that are considered as the main lines of “management” methods that may be pursued as proper titles of leadership approaches. Of the known leadership styles are;

  • Autocratic (Coercive Management Style).
  • Participative Management Style.
  • Delegative Management Style.
  • Persuasive Management Style.

Customized leadership style

It is important to recognize and understand different leadership styles including the circumstances and conditions in which they are mostly effective. However, one is unlikely to be a successful team leader simply by imitating already existing leadership styles. Leadership is not limited to providing a certain response in a certain situation. It’s about using your natural leadership strengths, talents and skills in an authentic manner to inspire and motivate others.

Along the way in both the career life and the activism one, although, each is based on a different territory, however, they both, career and activism, requires competent management, decision making, team spirit, outreach, work under pressure of time and the objectives of successful end-results. Throughout the years and the experiences exercised, one may adapt different “management” styles and sometimes combination of two or more of managing techniques depending on the project, available resources, timeframe, working condition, and expected outcome.

Choosing from the many administration methods, the participative leadership and delegative leadership styles both serves the purpose of true meaning leadership, human development by elevating self-esteem and set free of talented skills.  Also known as “laissez-faire leadership”, a delegative leadership style focuses on delegating initiatives to team members. This can be a successful strategy if team members are competent, dedicated, faithful, & committed.  

Although both the participative and the delegative leadership approaches have significant advantages, still, they both have their own challenges and difficulties; It can be very time-consuming in reaching to consensus. Also, in some cases, disagreement among members may lead to weakness of performance, splitting of efforts, and eventually to difficulty in achieving the original goals.

The principle remains to involve team members in the decision making process. Team members consequently feel included, engaged, implicated and motivated to contribute. Moreover, choice of the right leadership leads to the construction of strong team and build a crew that can develop ideas and actions plans, and enhance a positive work environment.

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