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. Recipient of CANADA 150 COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD. • Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for more than two decades of public service in Canada. . President of the Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) • Serving as president and as a long-standing board member of Montreal-based pan-Canada community not-for-profit association. • An advocate of positive integration in the society, human rights, equality and fairness amongst all citizens. • Promoter of civic engagement. • Initiator of anti-Islamophobia petition, e-411. • Blogger at Huffington post and personal one. • Recipient of Héma-Québec award for volunteer work as a major organizer of blood drive campaigns in greater Montreal. The only member of a cultural community to be recognized at the time. • Recipient of recognition awards for social implication. • More than 22 years in the education field. Co-founder of primary and secondary community schools. • Principal of a secondary school for five years. • Founder of a soccer team for the West Island youth. • Founder of theater for the youth in Montreal area. • Marine Scout leader for 10 years. • Founder and director of a business directory. • University graduate. • Business and financial advisor. • Project management.

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Conseils pour “lutter” contre la routine pendant le confinement!

  • Créez une routine spéciale dans votre maison; l’heure de dormir; le temps de se réveiller, de manger, de prendre des plats à la maison … évitez de confondre le temps et la paresse.
  • L’exercice à la maison; à côté de ses bienfaits physiques, il ravive l’esprit.
  • Promenez-vous à l’extérieur si vous le pouvez.
  • Soyez créatif pour vos activités familiales à domicile; ne soyez pas passif.
  • Donnez-vous de petits projets simples et réalisables.
  • Si vous êtes adepte de la foi, soyez constant et persistant dans votre connexion spirituelle.
  • Accordez-vous du temps pour la réflexion et pour faire les choses que vous aimez faire.
  • Gardez les connexions sociales, même à distance. Parlez à vos amis et à votre famille.
  • Aidez les autres, même à distance. Il existe de nombreuses façons de contribuer au bien-être de la société.
  • Soyez très bons et attentionnés avec vos enfants, votre conjoint, votre famille et vos amis.
  • Soyez optimiste et ne vous abandonnez pas au désespoir.
    Samer Majzoub

Tips: fighting routine during lockdown!

⁃ Create a special routine in your home ; time to sleep ; time to wake up, eating, home take. Avoid time confusing and laziness.

⁃ In door exercise ;beside its physical benefit, it revives the spirit.

⁃ Have a walk outdoors if you can .

⁃ Be creative for your family in-home activities ; do not be passive .

⁃ Have yourself small and simple achievable projects .

⁃ If you are faith follower , be constant and persistant in your spiritual connection.

⁃ Give time to yourself for reflection and to do things that you like to do.

⁃ Keep social connections, even remotely. Talk to friends and family.

⁃ Be of a help to others , even from a distance. There are numerous ways where one can contribute to the welfare of the society.

⁃ Be very lovely and beautiful to your children, spouse, family and friends.

⁃ Be optimistic and do not surrender to despair.


Samer Majzoub

Corona’s ordeal: Trudeau, the man of this point of time, or what?

trudeau 1

Separate from the culture of blind political bias, the Canadian homeland, like the nations around the world, is dealing with a threat the likes of which the country has never seen since the establishment of the Confederation in 1867.

This kind of special circumstance requires a special kind of leadership to manage the situation that Canada has found itself in. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and the federal government are being watched under a microscope by the nation that is assessing how they manage the details of this exceptional situation in all its political, financial and social security aspects.

With the lack of reliable information about the spread and seriousness of COVID-19, the bitter truth knocked on Canada’s doors and the epidemic began to spread steadily and quickly across the country. This led to a state of fear among Canadian citizens, and severe pressure on the medical systems administered by the provinces, which served to increase the state of tension.

At that moment of time, the federal government agencies mobilized with all of their ministries and departments to deal with the situation, which had not even been considered in the most difficult scenarios that governments plan for. The first surprise was the necessity that Prime Minister Trudeau be forced into confinement after his wife was infected with the virus after returning from a visit to Britain.

In light of these special and general circumstances, Justin Trudeau rose up to lead the stage with the utmost calm and confidence. He began appearing daily in front of millions of Canadians, addressing them in a tranquil tone, depending on the transparency of the information provided. In addition, his appearances have always been beneficial in keeping citizens informed of the latest details, medical guidelines, and required preventive measures.

In addition, Trudeau’s plan involved the continuous offers of billions of dollars in financial aid, aiming firstly at the employees who lost their jobs due to the mass closures and then expanding to many segments of society also involved in the economy. With this plan, the prime minister tried to ease the anxiety that has affected so many in the country.

Political sophistication and talent are strongly required in dealing with the Canadian provincial governments because of the diverse political backgrounds of all the parties that govern them. Requests from provinces continue to pour in, especially in terms of urgent medical materials to deal with the spread of the epidemic. Furthermore, the federal government showed a lot of flexibility in dealing with the opposition and some of its requests to review and amend laws that had to be passed unanimously because of their importance.

No one can deny that the self-confident dialect that characterized the prime minister, the daily appearances, the support of a strong team and experts in the field, and a culture of respect helped Canadians psychologically deal with this deadly, indiscriminate pandemic. Certainty, the measures taken by the federal government eased the Canadian people’s frustration and despair and reassured them that there is an authority that will look after them and address their fears.

*Samer Majzoub

محنة كورونا ؛ ترودو، رجل المرحلة،ام ماذا٠٠٠

بعيدا عن ثقافة تبجيل و التطبيل و الانحياز السياسي الأعمى ، يمر الوطن الكندي، مشاركاً دول عالم كلها ، بظرف دقيق و من الخطورة بمكان لم تشهد له البلاد مثال منذ تأسيس الكونفدرالية في ١٨٦٧ ٠

هذا الظرف الخاص جدا يتطلب قيادة مميزة تدير حالة الطوارىء التي تمر فيها كندا. و هنا يأتي دور رئيس وزراء الكندي، جوستان ترودو، و الحكومة الفيدرالية تحت مجهر تقييم كيفية ادارة شؤون و شجون تفاصيل الوضع الاستثنائي بكل نواحيه السياسية و المالية و الأمن الاجتماعي ٠

بعد حالة عدم الوضوح الرؤيا و فقدان المعلومات الموثوقة حول انتشار و خطورة فيروس كورونا، طرقت الحقيقة المرّة أبواب كندا و بدأ انتشار الوباء بشكل مضطرد و سريع في ارجاء الوطن. مما أدى الى حالة من الخوف عند المواطنين الكنديين و ضغط شديد على الأنظمة الطبية التي تديرها المقاطعات مما زاد حالة التوتر في بلد٠

هنا استنفرت اجهزة الحكومة الفيدرالية بكل وزاراتها و أقسامها للتعامل مع الحدث الذي لم يكن في الحسبان حتى في اكثر السيناريوهات صعوبة التي عادة تضعها الحكومات في الدول الديمقراطية . و كانت المفاجاة الأولى هي ضرورة الحجر الصحي التي اضطر اليها رئيس الوزراء جوستان ترودو بعد إصابت زوجته بفيروس كورونا اثر عودتها من زيارة لبريطانيا انذاك ٠

في ظل هكذا ظروف خاصة و عامة في غاية الصعوبة و الحساسية ، ينبري جستان ترودو لقيادة هذه المرحلة بقمة الهدوء و الثقة و البعد السيكولوجي . يبداء الرجل بالظهور الاعلامي اليومي امام ملايين الكنديين مخاطبا اياهم بلغة هادئة رزينة معتمدة على شفافية المعلومات المعطاة. اضافة ان خروج الرجل كان دائما ذو فائدة من من خلال ابقاء المواطنين على معرفة باخر التفاصيل و الإرشادات الطبية و إجراءات الوقاية المطلوبة ٠

لم تقف الأمور هنا، بل كان لظهور ترودو عامل إضافي مهم جعل من البلاد تنعم بالسلم المجتمعي من خلال عروضه المستمرة مساعدات مالية ببلايين من الدولارات بداية من الموظفين الذي فقدوا أعمالهم بسبب قرارت الإغلاق الى الكثير من شرائح المجمتع الى كل ناحية من نواحي الاقتصادية . حاول الرجل ان يغطى حالة القلق التي انتابت ابناء الوطن كافة الى اكبر حد٠

و كان الحنكة السياسية مطلوبة بقوة بالتعامل مع حكومات المحلية للمقاطعات الكندية مع الخلفيات السياسية لكل الأحزاب التي تحكم فيها . و طلبات تلك المقاطعات المتواصلة و خصوصا من ناحية المواد الطبية المستعجلة للتعامل مع أنتشار الوباء . و أظهرت الحكومة الفيدرالية الكثير من المرونة بالتعامل مع المعارضة و بعض طلباتها بمراجعة و تعديل قوانين كان لا بد من تمريرها بالإجماع لما لها من أهمية ٠

لا ينكر احد ان اللهجة الواثقة من نفسها التي تميز بها ظهوره اليومي، جستان ترودو، و بطبيعة الحال مدعوما بفريق عمل قوي و خبراء في الميدان و ثقافة احترام الانسان أعطت جرعات سيكولوجيا أدت الى توازن عند عموم الشعب الكندي في التعامل مع وباء قاتل لا يميز بين فرد و اخر و بين منطقة او اخرى . و أبعدت الإجراءات التى اخذتها الحكومة الفيدرالية حالة الاحباط و اليأس من المجتمع الكندي انه له سلطة ترعى شؤنه و تخوفاته ٠

سامر مجذوب

Quick reading on the historic decline in the price of American crude oil!


The historic decline in the price of American crude oil to a negative value means that something that is inconceivable has occurred. Matters have reached to a point where the crude oil exporters are ready make payments to potential buyers in order to withdraw the existing quantities of oil to their depots. This as a precedent occurrence has not come from vacuum for the observers and the experts in the field for several reasons.

⁃ the sudden and unexpected global economic recession, factories around the globe stopped production operations and tens of millions of people stayed in their homes for weeks due to the health concerns as results of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has brought long-term demands on American crude oil to their lowest levels.

⁃ the fact that oil contracts were not concluded as a result of the lack of clarity in the vision of the timing for the return of the global economy to its normal course of movement and production. Furthermore, the crude oil producers feared the limited areas of stores, at their disposal, to absorb the quantities of newly extracted oil and the lack of spaces to store them. This concern prompted the producers to find quick solutions to empty the current stock.

⁃ Contributed to this drop in oil prices, the sharp disagreement within OPEC, the price struggle between its members, and the failure of quick solutions to try to fix their differences, which left its shattering negative effects on the oil industry.

Such drop in oil prices may not remain for long period of time due to its catastrophic fall over the global economies of countries around the world, especially the” big” and “rich” ones. Having said that,  it is clear that many facts are no longer under control, but rather the developments and fate of the Corona virus crisis have its big say over how things will evolve in the coming days and weeks.

Perhaps the positive point in this turmoil is that the cheap international oil prices may help economies in many countries to quickly return to their activities and at costs that reduce the burden of returning the production movement to its previous era.

Samer Majzoub, Financial Consultant.