Classroom management!


Its agreed upon that one of most important element of productive school teaching is maintaining classrooms discipline for the educational process to be smooth and as effective as possible.

The genuine emphasis on classroom management is based on the general perception that effective instruction requires efficient running technics of classrooms, and that strong management skills are the groundwork of strong teaching.

Classroom administration and management of student conduct are skills that teachers obtain and improve over time.  Skills such as effective classroom management are central and most crucial to teaching and require “common sense,” consistency, very good knowledge of the subject thought, an, a sense of fairness, and courage.

Some of the points that assist in maintaining classroom discipline;

-Know school guidelines for discipline procedures.

-Make sure that your students are fully aware of the standards and consequences of their actions.

-Let parents equally aware of the standards and consequences.

-Be fair, positive and consistent.

-Make sure you have your lessons chapters well planned, timely fashion and be well informed.

-Keep your classroom orderly.

-Get to know your students, treat them with respect, keep confidences high, show them that you care.

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